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Sifu Tav Byerhoff has been dedicated to the art of Eagle Claw Kung Fu for over 20 years. He began his training in Sacramento California under Master Benson Lee, a Senior Top Disciple of Grandmaster Shum Leung in New York.


After pursuing his degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on athletic training and injury rehabilitation, he moved to Los Angeles to help open Master Lee's first school in Southern California in 2010.

Sifu Tav expanded his knowledge under the guidance of Master Benson Lee and taught classes daily at the school in Los Angeles for 10 years, teaching hundreds of students of all ages and ability over the years. In 2020 he moved back to Sacramento and continues to teach students online, now offering his teaching to people from all over through this online portal.

Sifu Tav Byerhoff Master Benson Lee.jpg

Sifu Tav Byerhoff with Master Benson Lee and Instructors in Southern California

Eagle Claw Kung Fu School Sifu tav Byerhoff Master Benson Lee

School Photo From the Eagle Claw Kung Fu & Wu Tai Chi School in Los Angeles

Sifu Tav has been published in Inside Kung Fu Magazine, teaches Seminars on Eagle Claw Kung Fu in Mexico, is a Founding Member of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Federation in Southern California. He has also judged and demonstrated at both local and national kung fu competitions demonstrating forms and Eagle Claw locking techniques. Following Grandmaster Shum and Master Lee's example, Sifu Tav has a genuine interest in student's success and helping to preserve the Eagle Claw and Wu Tai Chi Systems.

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