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For those interested in learning both Kung Fu and Tai Chi OR for greater depth of training we offer an All-Inclusive, Unlimited Option. This option gives you the most in depth training experience available including access to all classes as well as access to the On-Demand Program and exclusive access to previously recorded classes. This program is the best in both flexibility and quality content. Online Adult Kung Fu Classes are taught Monday through Friday. As a new member you get access to three 45 minute beginner-specific class times on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 6:30PM PST. All-levels class begins at 7PM and Intermediate students continue until 8PM. Upper level Beginners and Intermediate students have dedicated 30 minutes classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00PM. Our curriculum teaches you the fundamentals of Northern Kung Fu through stance training, striking techniques, kicks, partner exercises and bag drills. Our Friday 7PM class covers the saber, staff and spear of Northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu and is open to new students on a conditional basis only. Online Adult Tai Chi Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday. As a new member you get access to the 45 minute Beginner Tai Chi class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30PM PST. All level class begins at 7PM. In the Tai Chi Program we discuss building a strong mind-body connection through the movements of Tai Chi. We teach Qi Gung for health and the Slow and Round Form of the Traditional Wu Tai Chi System. ​Our On-Demand Program has everything you need to move through the ranks. As a new member to the On-Demand Program you get access to the full first level curriculum though In-Depth instructional videos detailing the positions, movements and techniques of all of the fundamentals of Eagle Claw Kung Fu. For continued learning we give you the option to test in to new levels via online video review; our program offers you the opportunity to receive rank and unlock new material all the way through the intermediate levels. Reach out to us today for the new member application! *Schedule Subject to Change

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